FST Dive Services has a time tested history as Northeast South Carolina's most qualified, capable, and dependable dive service.  We are committed to offering quality services in all facets of the underwater environment.  Our outfit is fully mobile and ready to travel wherever needed.  If service is needed on the water, we own a gantry crane barge, and a Stieger Craft towboat.  We bring with us the most liftbags of any company in the Grand Strand, gear to outfit us, and most importantly a collection of knowledge and experience required to meet the demanding challenges of our duties.  Being based out of Myrtle Beach, the majority of the work we do is ship husbandry and salvage.  Aside from ship husbandry, we also provide a large array of services to ever more diversified clients.

      FST can provide underwater inspection services for property owners/managers, insurance, and construction companies. Findings of these inspections can be provided immediately via closed circuit camera feeds and we can also provide high definition digital video and underwater photography services. We provide periodic maintenance and servicing on everything from pile cleaning and jacketing on marina docks to changing hardware and biofouling removal on scientific instruments for NOAA. 

      FST Dive Services also does heavy lifting and underwater installations in theme park or dinner show facilities.  We are on call at ALL times to ensure that your business's downtime is kept to a minimum during underwater maintenance.  FST worked overnight in a local dinner theater show recently to re-install 2 hydraulic lifts that had ripped out of their foundations.  Our job consisted of moving both of the lifts (1000lbs each) into position and then epoxying and drilling concrete underwater to install the gear with new fasteners.  The facility was spared from being cost a single show.

      Our dive team has a large spectrum of client vessels that vary in size from 226 feet to 15 feet.   We have seen everything from the mundane entanglement to 4.5" propeller shafts breaking in half.  One thing stays true through all of this, we will solve your marine problem while minimizing risks.  We change propellers with diameters up to 100 inches with our hydraulic equipment.  FST Dive Services is also the only dive company in the area that changes shafts, cutlass bearings, rudders, transducers, trimtabs, and thru-hulls in water.  In the past, we changed a 19ft long, 4.5" diameter shaft, with a 46.5" propeller on the end of it, all while below the surface.

     Our yacht and large commercial clients enjoy comprehensive hull cleanings carefully preformed by our skilled divers.  Our hull cleanings are done with caution to minimize the amount of anti-fouling paint loss during the removal of growth. Cleanings can usually be done within 3 days of a call and our divers are available at nights for extended hours and emergency servicing.  

     We also offer contracted dive maintenance plans on vessels to take the hassle out of boating. Cleanings will be performed on a growth specific basis. Anodes will be inspected and changed as needed in accordance with industry standards, and before any corrosion damage can occur.  Regular dives are the safest option for marine clients, because damages can be prevented at the first sign of a failure.  FST carries a supply of specialty underwater epoxies and anodes to ensure most problems can be fixed while avoiding a costly and stressful haul-out. 


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